"Când fac rost de ceva bani, întâi cumpăr cărți; dacă mai râmâne ceva, îmi iau haine și mâncare”

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anticariat erasmus
contact:     0748.522.369   |  office@anticariaterasmus.com

Anticariat Erasmus offers this service, to reserve one of our products, unique on the antiquities market in Romania!


-         this service applies only to products above 200 lei

-         contact us (by phone or email), mention the product you want to reserve

-         mention the period you want it reserved for (no more than 45 days) and we will immediately take it out from public sale

-         pay the reservation fee, of 20% from the price of the product, either personalyy or in our bank account; the reservation fee will be deducted later, from the total price of the product

-         pick up the product on the deadline day (or earlier) or we will ship it to you, either in Romania or abroad and pay the rest of the 80% from the product fee

-         breaking the reservation period leads to the automatic loss of the reservation fee, with no possibility to get it back


E-mail: office@anticariaterasmus.com

Bank account to pay the reservation fee:

Full name of the administrator of Anticariat Erasmus: ADRIAN CRETU



IBAN: RO24INGB0000999907482089