"Când fac rost de ceva bani, întâi cumpăr cărți; dacă mai râmâne ceva, îmi iau haine și mâncare”

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anticariat erasmus
contact:     0748.522.369   |  office@anticariaterasmus.com

Rare books shop, in the city of Bacău and all over Romania, in the online environment, since 2009: our vision is to offer ”vintage products and quality services to quality people”. The most important client for us is the one who is satisfied with our services and comes back again, with trust and pleasure, in our rare books shop.

Timetable for selling and acquisitions: 24h.

Anticariat Erasmus intends to re-introduce, into the world of collectors, old books, first editions, manuscripts, luxury books, rarities, autographs and bibliophile editions.

We also sell and buy old jewelry, paintings, stamps, vintage toys, watches, vinyl records, old banknotes and coins, photographs and old postcards, old newspapers and magazines, business cards, decorative art, badges, medals, official documents etc.

You can also find in our shop modern books, such as: school books, Romanian and world literature, dictionaries, philosophy, technical and scientific books, literary criticism, art albums, books in other languages etc.

If you can’t find what you are looking for on our site, there may be a possibility that we have it on stock, but we just didn’t have time to post it. Contact us, either by email or phone and we will try our best to help you.

E-mail: admin@anticariaterasmus.com

Phone: 0748.522.369